Dr. Robert Wood on Cosmic Disclosures

I just want to say that these interviews being conducted with Corey Goode by David Wilcock are really something. I believe they must be hoaxes, at least to some extent. It’s possible there may be some truth in all of the stories as well. It’s very complicated. And it just got a little bit more complicated the other night when Robert Wood, the document expert/investigator, was on the Cosmic Disclosure TV show with David Wilcock and Corey Goode.image
And I kept looking to see if Robert Wood would see through Corey’s false exterior and figure out that he’s lying. But Corey was very relaxed and comfortable around Robert Wood. And that really amazed me because lately I’ve been sure that Corey is lying about some things. And yet if he is lying, he seems very relaxed around someone who has done a lot of investigating of cases involving hoaxes.
And Bob Wood did not say anything at all negative about the case, during this episode, and seemed to flow right with the story. You got the impression that he believes Corey is basically telling the truth. That is how it looks to me.
But this is only the first time I have seen Dr. Wood on the program. He is a great guest, btw, with a lot of solid credibility. He is a Respected long term UFO document investigator.
I am eager to see how Robert Wood treats this case and what his official verdict will be, after some time goes by and perhaps he really investigates it.
Truthfully, no one has “cross examined” Corey Goode yet. I would like to know a lot more details about many things regarding his stories.
I think David Wilcock may be a tad gullible. He sort of buys into Corey’s stories, all the way. I think these stories have been far from proven. I think some better questioning of Corey Goode, by someone more skeptical than David Wilcock, might bring about some interesting results.
I sense a lot of exaggeration at the very least in these lengthy tales about the SSP, etc. It just does not compute with my many years of hard, cold UFO reality research.
And I want to make my opinion known.
As a long time UFO researcher, talk show host and author, I say as of now that I am not totally convinced either way about Corey Goode, But I strongly Lean in the direction of the word “Hoaxer.”
Nonetheless, the show, Cosmic Disclosure, is great. And I still am not convinced that Corey isn’t telling the truth. There is indeed a chance, maybe 5 or 10%, that he is telling the truth, and we have colonies on Mars.
Anyway, I will have a lot more to say about all this. I just wanted to get the ball rolling.

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Steven Avery Case – Update 02/09/16

Well I have been scanning the internet for every available update on the Steven Avery case and I have seen some very interesting articles and videos . A few of these have cast some doubt in my mind as to whether Avery is innocent or not.

Originally I had thought Avery was definitely innocent and that he had been framed by the police (again).  But the additional evidence paints a different theme. And I now am undecided as to Avery’s guilt or innocence. It is a very complicated case.

How did Avery’s DNA get on the hood of Theresa’s car? Also, Brenden Dassey’s confession does seem to mirror some of the known facts about the murder evidence. The bullet in the garage that contained Theresa’s DNA — how did that get there?  At some point Brenden had told his mom he and Steven had been cleaning the garage.  Were they cleaning up Theresa’s blood, etc?

But in Brenden’s confession, you can see that he was under the impression that if he told the cops what they wanted to hear he would then be let go and could go back home and play video games that same night. He had no idea he was confessing to a crime that would put him in prison for 20 or 30 years.  That aspect indicates he may have been coerced into a false confession. But again, there are things that indicate he may very well have been involved.

Truthfully, at this point I just do not know. How did that woman find Theresa’s car so quickly on that massive salvage yard? How did the key turn up on the floor like that? Did it really fall off the back of the cabinet after it was moved by cops? or was it indeed planted? So many questions.  Did the cops plant the car there?

And I keep thinking of the interview that was done by the TV reporter with Avery, outside his trailer, on Live TV, a few days after Theresa’s disappearance.  Avery seemed totally cool and confident and not worried at all.  He looked right at the camera and appeared calm… If one of those truth detectors were hooked to an audio recording of Avery’s voice I would assume it would conclude he was telling the truth. How could he be so cool and calm if he had actually committed this crime?

And why would he be so stupid as to burn her body right near his trailer?

The recorded conversation between Avery and Brenden’s mother also indicated innocence. Avery adamantly and completely denied any involvement in the murder and he sounded very convincing. He just does not sound like he is lying or that he killed the woman, or that Brenden had anything to do with it. Steven claimed the kid made it up, and that may indeed be the case.

And then there is the evidence about this alleged serial killer who had committed similar crimes and who had framed many innocent people by connecting them to crimes he had actually committed. He was in the approximate area of the Manitowak scene in recent times. Does that have any legitimacy or connection to this case?

At this point I really don’t know what to think. I would really like to see this case tried again.  And I am looking for more answers.

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Making A Murderer – The Steven Avery Case


Steven Avery – Netflix Phenomenon

Like thousands of other people, I have watched the Netflix blockbuster documentary “Making A Murderer.” And like the vast majority, I found it spellbinding and extremely interesting.
Before I go on with my comments, I want to point out that I will be giving away information about the series, and the ending, so for now I want to suggest that if you have not seen the documentary, I highly recommend that you watch, and you can come back to this blog post of mine later on.
Otherwise, I want to make some comments about the series and will do so now.
Wow. That was one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. In fact it was probably the very best.
What a miscarriage of justice. But even worse, what a terrible crime committed by the law enforcement agency of that Wisconsin county.  Particularly of course, a few officials of the police department. And also, what a crooked, corrupt and somewhat inept court system.
If those producers had not filmed this entire series of events, over a period of ten years, no one would know the truth.
A few things struck me about the film.
First thing… Who really killed Theresa? It appears the most likely answer is the police department of Manitowoc County. And that is scary. Even if they did not kill her, but only took her body and burned it and set up the crime scene, that is some awful criminal activity and shockingly evil. And you just have to hope that someone gets to the bottom of this sickening crime. Those cops need to be brought to justice.
The series also brought to light a problem that is probably common in our criminal justice system — forced or coerced confessions. It is rather obvious that is how they got Avery’s young cousin to confess to the killing. And then that creep of a public defender who was supposed to be defending Brenden Dassey. Instead of defending him, he coerced him into another statement of guilt! And then he had the gall to smile about it on the witness stand.
Yes the series exposed some real problems with the entire criminal justice system. But it really spotlighted a very corrupt local system there in Wisconsin.
You have to wonder how this is all going to play out now! Apparently thousands of people nationwide and around the world (possibly millions eventually) are incensed at this travesty and you have to think someone is going to spearhead an investigation to see that the guilty parties are brought to justice.
It was hard to follow exactly who was to blame for specific things, but that Detective Lent is a good person to investigate. It looks like he planted the key in the trailer.
And by the way, how these creeps took over the Avery junkyard and compound for like eleven days was really against all rules and regulations. How they got away with this is also frightening. Thank god for cameras! I hope this results in some changes nationwide. I am all for cops wearing cameras at all times to record their actions. But how we change the court system is another matter.
Another thing that struck me is the indomitable spirit of Steven Avery. The guy just does not give up!
Anyway, this series has become a phenomenon.
I noticed the prosecuting attorney had to resign from office a few years ago for a sexting scandal. And then he admitted to an addiction to prescription narcotics. But that is just a side bar to all this. That guy is a creep and his personal issues are just minor trivia. He had to suspect the cops in all this but he did nothing. He just kept on prosecuting Avery anyway.
So like so many other people, I will be checking the latest developments in the case and watch it unfold. Surely something will be done to get to the truth on all this.
So, what I’m going to do right now is start watching the entire series again from the start. It is that good. Five stars all the way.

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Let’s Fix The Calendar!


Earths orbital journey. (Wikipedia image)

One of the first things I am going to do when I am elected President is set forth a directive that we repair and adjust our calendars to reflect the true positions of the sun and earth in the daily and yearly revolutionary path.

Fancy words for “Let’s fix the calendar!”
Seriously though, this is something that has bothered me for a very long time.
As soon as I started studying Astrology and Astronomy, a long time ago, it became obvious that our present day calendars are out of whack with the real motion of the Sun and Earth. And it is this Astronomical time table that was the central basis for the creation of our calendars in the first place.
Regardless of any beliefs in Astrology, or the actual effect of the Sun and Planets on human affairs and all life on Earth, this orbital journey, the Earth’s yearly revolution around the Sun, which gives us our Seasons, is what our calendars are based on.
Trouble is, because the calendar has some minor flaws and does not allow for proper adjustments, things have “slipped” a bit throughout the last many thousands of years.  And nowadays, after hundreds and thousands of years of Precession and other rhythms, January 1st, for instance, is in actuality a “nothing day,” at least astronomically, although it is considered “New Yer’s Day” on our calendars and in our newspapers and on our TVs.
Truth is, the REAL “New Year’s Day” should be December 21st or 22nd, when the Sun actually reaches the zenith relative to the Earth”s orbital journey. Even better, IMO, would be to start New Year’s on March 21st or 22nd, when the Sun enters Aries, at the true Spring Equinox.

In other words, the first of every months should be the day the Sun actually enters a new “sign,” or divisional section of the zodiac. The first of March, or Aries, should be what is now March 21st. The first of June should be on what is currently thought of as May 22nd, etc.
And honestly, we should have festivals and celebrations planned for those times when the Sun enters its Cardinal Signs, such as the summer and winter solstices and the spring and fall equinoxes.
This was how it was done in days of olde. That is how the calendar was actually designed, some several thousand years ago.  We respected the cosmos and our place in it.
I am not the only person who finds this ridiculous error to be in need of correction. Apparently there is quite a contingent of people who clamor for a correction to our calendars.  Many of them. Are astronomers and astrologers alike.
Doing so would right a wrong and put us back in tune with cosmic forces and the universe.
This preposterous error in our calendars is quite significant as a statement and example of the falsehood and fakery our world seems to embrace anymore.
It is time to get back to nature and “God.”
Knowledge and appreciation for the earths orbital journey around the sun has been a major force in the customs and behavior of humanity since the earliest of times. Farmers, real farmers, have always planted and reaped and sown with the use of this knowledge. You plant at the new moon and harvest at the full moon, for instance.
Of course this speaks of another orbital astronomical relationship… That of the moon around the earth. And THAT needs to be recognized again as well. And it should somehow be incorporated into our calendars again also.  More on that later.
This ignorance and disrespect for our cosmic connection typifies the plastic nature of modern man and society. The irreverence. The falsehood. The narcissism.
Welcome to Babylon, ladies and gentlemen.
Anyway, I am not going to expound any further, or in more detail, on this matter right now. Perhaps I will explain further another day.
For now, be it known that I am in full favor of an accurate readjustment of our calendars to reflect the true astronomical positions of the earth and sun.

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Happy Winter Solstice 2015

imageHey everybody. Happy Winter Solstice! This greatly significant astronomicaL/astrological yearly event is at the heart of the origins of Christmas and all the ancient holidays that have always taken place at this time of year. In fact, Christmas was placed here by the early Christians to overtake the existing natural, ancient, earth based, “pagan” religious holiday associated with the solstice. But the Solstice can never rely be taken over by anyone. It is a natural and highly spiritual astronomical event.

Regardless, it is a special time of year.


imageRight now, at about 10 pm, EST, the solstice is almost exact! The earth is at its uppermost part of its elliptical journey around the sun. And from this moment forth, until the summer solstice on about June 22, 2016, the days wil get longer every day. In other words, there will be more and more minutes of daylight in every 24 hours until the earth reaches its lowest point in its elliptical journey. The Sun will then enter the sign Cancer. Right now the Sun is entering Capricorn.

Anyway, Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


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Ceres Mystery – Largest Asteroid To Be Examined by NASA Spacecraft


Ceres – largest of all asteroids

I was quite amazed at the realization that NASA has a spacecraft orbiting Ceres, the largest of all the asteroids. I listened to the great Linda Moulton Howe on C2C last night as she described the Dwarf Planet, as Ceres is scientifically categorized.

I did not realize the size of Ceres.  It is about 600 miles in diameter and it comprises over 1/3 of all the matter in the Asteroid Belt.  They say it has assumed its roughly round shape due to its gravity.

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft is currently orbitting the asteroid and it will reach its closest approach around Christmas of this year (2015). And it will soon be taking its closest photographs yet.

The big curiosity is the appearance of several “bright spots” on the surface, including two particularly bright spots near its equator.

Scientists are speculating that Ceres has a liquid ocean beneath its frozen hard surface. But the bright spots are as of now a mystery.

Another interesting anomaly is the fact that there is a huge mountain, four miles high, on Ceres. That is a tall protuberance for such a relatively small object. There is obviously great interest in learning more about this mountain.

Linda pointed out that the camera onboard the Dawn spacecraft is not a very high resolution device, and she pointed out that it would have been wiser for NASA to include a better one. Even so, the upcoming images will be four times better than any taken so far.

Wow. It really is spectacular to be examining this asteroid and it would be incredible to actually go there. I can envision the day when flights will be available for such a journey!


Bright spots on Ceres

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